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Beverly Hills Polo Club


Beverly Hills Polo Club, named after the "Sport of Kings" and the oldest team sport played by the nobles throughout history, and the unique town of California, Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Polo Club has been offering its users the privilege of belonging to a social club since 1982. Beverly Hills Polo Club has taken its place in many stores with its iconic designs and remarkable style, modern sportswear collections. Beverly Hills Polo Club, which has managed to become a well-known brand in the clothing industry in the USA in a short time with its inspiring elements and innovative perspective, has started to offer its products to those who want to be included in a privileged social club abroad with its reputation beyond the American continent. Today, BHPC offers its products with more than 650 stores in 5 different continents and 70 countries.


As Beverly Hills Polo Club, we want to deliver our lifestyle products to the whole world by approaching every individual and every idea with respect, with a privileged social club understanding. Touching the lives of individuals with an individual sense of style and fashion consciousness is our inspiration and passion. It is our desire to grow our social club by adhering to the values of quality, innovation and speed in pursuit of our passion.


BHPC takes its power from the Miyota and Epson machines it uses. It offers a flawless experience with its power reserve feature, winding mechanism, impact resistance and precision of time. The greatest features of Miyota and Epson machines are BHPC, which fully executes their functions, values the use of powerful mechanisms.


Beverly Hills Polo Club reflects its philosophy of excellence and quality with the Diamond stones that adorn its watches. Blending elegant designs with colorful Diamond stones, it adds a new perspective to contemporary fashion.


Beverly Hills Polo Club watches use sapphire plated glasses. Sapphire plated glasses have a very durable structure compared to other types of glasses. With the durable structures of sapphire plated glasses, it provides superior protection for the dials of the watches. Sapphire-plated glasses with a colorless structure are very suitable for dial designs and diamond stones in the dial to look more elegant.


The butterfly clip, which attracts the attention of watch enthusiasts, has the feature of providing quality material for Beverly Hills Polo Club. Although it advocates traditional watchmaking with its easy use and quality understanding of its clips, it also appeals to all kinds of uses with its innovations.

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