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Giorgio Fedon 1919

Giorgio Fedon 1919 has almost a century of tradition behind. In 1919, Giorgio Fedon 1919 was established in Cadore, Italy. Based on a tradition of combining Italian art and craftsmanship, they began to manufacture a number of the finest top-quality leather items. It is now a leading Italian designer brand focusing on lifestyle and business oriented products.

With the same dedication, Giorgio Fedon 1919 timepiece embodies the spirit of Italian passion. Giorgio Fedon 1919 timepiece combines traditional Italian craftsmanship and innovative design using the best quality materials. With its sporty elegant look which is designed to be as confident and stylish as its customers through innovation and style, it perfectly toes the line between casual and classy.

QUALITY - All timepieces surpass the highest standards of the watchmaking industry. The finesse of our craftsmanship is exemplified by the extraordinary finishing. Every design undergoes more than 50 tests to ensure the best quality.

INNOVATION - With inspiration fueled by Italian traditions and expertise, we focus on creating superior timepieces that accentuate the creative elements of each design.

ICONIC DESIGN - As an icon for producing the world’s finest leather goods, our timepieces proudly mirrors this iconic spirit and heritage.

Westime is the Exclusive Distributor for Giorgio Fedon 1919 watches in Malaysia.

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